Do you use kennels?

Yes, I do use kennels. I use kennels at night, during short trips to check on livestock or house pets (usually early morning and evening), during short trips to store, and/or when I am caring for another dog or cat. I do not let the dogs play together for their safety but they do get to have neighbors next to them while being kenneled. I offer them two 25 minute play times and up to five walks a day to ensure they all get plenty of exercise throughout the day. While in the kennels they have the TV or radio on to keep them entertained.





Will someone be will my pet at all hours?

No, I do have clients that I service in their home so I will be away shortly in the morning and evening. I usually walk the dogs in my care then start my rounds. Also since I offer my services 24/7 I may have short errands or grocery shopping to do. In these times I ensure you they will not be left alone longer than 3 hours at a time. In the mornings they will have my husband and business partner home in case anyone needs something.





How do my dogs get exercise?

I play with each dog twice a day for twenty five minutes each. This can include with toys or in form of a walk depending on the personality of the dog. I have 14 acres so they have plenty of room to explore. *NOTE* All dogs will be on a leash at all times.





Why can’t my dog be off a leash? He listens fine for me!

While I understand some dogs are great off leash and can run free without running off, my insurance will not allow me to unleash a dog in an unsecured area. My property is fenced with barbed wire so they can escape my property if they aren’t on a leash. Even the most well trained dog will occasionally feel the need to chase a rabbit or squirrel and although they may come back to their owners there is no guarantee they will do the same for me or my husband. Therefore all dogs must be on a leash.





What would you Like to know about my dog before sitting for him/her? Do you have a breed preference?

I have no breed or size preference. I think size and breed have nothing to do with mannerisms. I understand sometimes it is stressful to leave a familiar environment and some dogs and cats make act out their fear in an aggressive manner. I am willing to work with these dogs and cats to get them over their fear and make their stay as comfortable as possible. I do reserve the right to deny any dog that puts me and/or my husband in danger. There is a big difference between fearful aggression and full blown aggression that may be caused by dominance or just ill tempered personalities.





How many pets are you currently sitting for?

I keep my number low at all times to ensure your pet gets the most care. I like to keep my numbers below five. that gives me plenty of time to offer them all play times and walks, plus gives me time to feed everyone and ensure everyone is happy. One thing I learned at the kennel I worked at was 30 dogs per person was too many to truly care for the dogs the way the owners were told. Rest assured I will have time for each one of my clients!





Will you play with my Pet?

Of course! I think it is a disservice not to offer play time along with the base cost. This is why I offer two 25 minute play times twice a day. That’s almost an hour a day without the extra charge. I have boarded my dog at places where play time was an extra $30 per 20 minutes. I don’t agree with this. Play time should be free! Play time is important and helps a dog release stress from not being in his normal environment. I will never charge for play time. Also if I have extra time your dog will get extra play time. I really can’t stress enough the importance of playtime.





Can I bring my dog’s special bed or blanket?

You are more than welcome to bring your dog’s favorite bed or blanket. Just remember sometimes when the pets get stressed being away from home they have a tendency to chew. I can’t guarantee it will come home in perfect condition. If in your mad rush to get out of the door on time you forget the bedding no worries!! I have plenty of blankets for them to use that get washed after each use with a hypoallergenic detergent.





My dog has a very sensitive stomach. Will you ensure he doesn’t get into another dog’s food?

We ask owners to bring their own dog food in order to ensure there is no stomach upset from switching. You can supply your own bowl or I can supply one for your pet. If your pet is on a specific diet or has special needs during meal time I will accommodate these needs. I have had a few dogs that actually get raw food diets or fully cooked chicken for each meal. If you have a certain way of doing things, rest assured your directions will be followed to the T.





Do you have reliable transportation in case of an emergency?

yes, in the case of an after hour emergency if the owner or current vet can’t be reached they will be taken to the nearest 24 hour animal hospital in Southlake. If the current vet is too far for an emergency they will be taken to Boyd animal clinic for treatment at which time the owner and current vet will be notified.





Are you comfortable administering medicine?

Yes, I’ve given pill, shots, IVs, and liquid medication to cats and dogs. For calves I’ve used an esophageal feeder, given oral medicine, given vaccines, given antibiotic shots, and administered eye meds. I am not a vet but I have learned most of this from a vet when I was administering meds to one of my own animals. *NOTE* I do require all medication to accompany the original bottle with the name of the medicine, prescribing veterinarian, dosage, and the pets name.





What about cleanliness?

We take extra care to be sure that our home stays clean and fresh. The kennels are cleaned with Pet friendly Parvo/Feline leukemia cleaner to ensure it is safe for the next guest. We ask that dogs arrive recently bathed and free of fleas. If fleas are found on the dog I require they get a capstar flea preventative which will be $10.





Do you have a contract?

I have two forms I require to be filled out before I watch an animal. One is a form discussing the animal and it’s needs, the vet information, owners information, and any medication instructions. This is to ensure if I need to take your dog/cat to the vet I have all the necessary information. Also it helps me learn more about your pet. My other contract is for insurance purposes. It protects the owner and me from negligence, accidents, theft, and details what my insurance covers.





Can you provide reference?

Yes, I can give them on request.





Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, through Pet Sitter’s Associates.





Are there any aggressive dogs?

Sometimes. All dogs will be kept separate. I create a rotating schedule each day for play times, walks, and any special needs depending on the number of dogs in my care. I ensure each and every dog in my care has as much out of kennel time as possible for no extra charge. Dogs aren’t meant to stay in a kennel all day but sometimes as dog owners we have to crate them while at work or while away from home. The goal of my business is to ensure kennel time is very limited with exception to night time, my short breaks, and while I’m checking on livestock. Remember my space is very limited due to this goal so it’s good to book your slots in advance.





Is it safe?

Yes, I treat my animals like they are my children and I’m very picky about their care. I promise to treat your animals as they are my own children as well. All dogs must be up to date on shots and we must have your dog’s vet info and we know where to go for 24-hour emergency care.





I have another question that is not included in your FAQ’s!

We welcome questions from all my concerned pet parents! Feel free to send us an email at JessFourPawsPetSitting@gmail.com



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